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Whatever your needs, YOURBOILERS.COM™ can install the right boiler or system for you!

There are three main types of boiler and systems:

· Combination Boiler – which produces hot water on demand.

· Regular Boiler – which produces hot water that is stored for use in a hot water cylinder.

· System Boiler – this is similar to a Regular Boiler, but requires less space, it is a pressurised system which means you do not need additional tanks in the loft.

Combination Boilers are the most popular of choice as they heat the water in your Central Heating System and produce hot water on demand by heating water straight from the mains. They are best suited to homes that enjoy a decent mains pressure and homes with an average demand for hot water.

One attraction of a Combination Boiler is that it can save on space as you don’t need the hot water cylinder or header tanks that are needed to feed the other types of boiler. This    creates  an advantage for saving space in your home.      

· Produces hot water on demand as and when you need it

· No need for a hot water cylinder or header tanks

· Suits properties with decent mains pressure

· Suits homes with average use of hot water


According to the ratings standard of Sedbuk (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK), new condensing boilers of the quality we supply will typically run at 90% efficiency, whereas an old gas boiler will vary between 55% to 65% efficiency – translating to a difference of between £274 and £460 on a typical annual heating bill for a semi-detached house.

The Energy Saving Trust acknowledges that you can save up to £300 a year by upgrading to a new A-rated condensing gas boiler, depending on your property and your current  heating arrangements.


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